Vistor’s Quality Department’s core mission is to build and maintain Vistor’s Quality Manual to ensure that Vistor fulfils its suppliers’ quality requirements (Quality Assurance Agreements) as well as the requirements set forth by the Icelandic authorities (laws, regulations, and wholesale license), keeping utmost confidentiality towards all stakeholders.


Further about Vistor’s Quality Department

Main stakeholders: suppliers, Vistor’s Regulatory Affairs Department, Vistor’s marketing departments, Distica, Icelandic Medicines Agency.

Quality Department is an independent support department at Vistor. The department consists of two staff, Vistor’s Quality Manager/Responsible Person and Vistor’s Quality Specialist/Responsible Person.

Our main external stakeholders are Vistor’s suppliers and The Icelandic Medicines Agency. Vistor’s Quality Department also positively interacts with other departments at Vistor as well as at our holding company Veritas and our affiliated companies Artasan and Distica.

With a robust Quality Manual and a duly trained staff, Vistor ensures that their supplier’s requirements as well as the requirements set forth by the authorities are complied with. Vistor’s Quality Department Reviews Quality Assurance Agreements entered into with our suppliers to ensure that Vistor fulfils its contractual obligations.

Vistor’s Quality Department strives permanently towards improvement, e.g., by means of periodic reviews of Vistor’s operational procedures. Vistor’s Quality Manager is responsible for the training of Vistor’s staff, and Vistor’s Quality Department issues an individual electronic training programme for every employee. Vistor’s Quality Manager is also responsible for monitoring Vistor’s departments to ensure compliance with those requirements.

Vistor’s Quality Specialist er also Vistor’s Product Quality Complaints Officer and is in that capacity responsible for all communications concerning quality complaints with Distica and Vistor’s suppliers. Our e-mail complaints@vistor.is is monitored throughout office days.

In case of recalls, Vistor’s Quality Department takes charge of communications with Vistor’s suppliers and the authorities. Our email qa@vistor.is is monitored.

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