Corporate governance and values

Corporate governance

Code of Conduct

for Veritas and subsidiaries

Information security policy

for Veritas and subsidiaries

Corporate values

Vistor‘s corporate values are RELIABILITY – CANDOR – PROGRESS. These values serve as guiding light for our employees in their daily work.

They are symbolized by these logos below:


Reliability means keeping promises and having integrity, professionalism and honesty as a guiding light. Our partners, suppliers, customers and community can trust what we say and promise and may rest assured that we obey laws and regulations that apply to our business.


Candor creates the foundation for an honest work environment. We give clear messages and say what´s on our mind in a tactful and constructive way. We want to activate as many opinions as possible and stimulate critical thinking. Getting straight to the point saves time.


Progress represents employees’ desire and endeavours to grow, develop and improve. We constantly strive to do better – a final solution does not exist. We are open to changes and innovation, we show initiative and challenge the present situation.